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Videos zum Relase von WoT 1.0

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Update Review



HD Maps


U.a. umfasst das folgende Änderungen:

Once we had the technology to implement our ambitious ideas, we went on to recreate much of the content from the ground up. Terrain textures, the water rendering system, skyboxes, a lighting system, shadows—we took 29 maps and went over every single element, refining and redesigning them to add greater depth, beauty and realism to battlefields.

The team fussed over the smallest details to make every location shine and provide an enjoyable experience. In addition to purely visual improvements, we revisited certain maps with extra scrutiny, fixing imbalances you brought to us over the years.

  • Fisherman’s Bay: It now has a more balanced frontline and offers both teams equal chances at pushing key directions.
  • Erlenberg: The middle area received a solid makeover: it’s much easier to read now, with visible lowland, denser forests, and fewer environments that have little tactical value.
  • Steppes: Newly added hills and cover spots in the lowland area should make the right flank more playable for both teams.
  • Ruinberg: In addition to visual enhancements, we tried to fix imbalances that made the battle easier for the team that starts off in the northern section of the map.
  • Fjords: Tweaks to the terrain across the map make it possible to choose various angles of attack. These routes are viable for all classes, allowing them to move more freely.

This post-apocalyptic wasteland of Glacier with its blend of beautiful snow and ice has been in development for quite a while now. Initially, its release had been timed around the addition of Swedish tanks. However, the team agreed that BigWorld didn’t have the capacity to show the wintry landscapes in all their glory. Now that Core’s up and running, we can finally present this deserted and serene locale hot with hot springs, geysers, and elevated ridges."


Core Engine

New Soundtrack



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ich kopiere schamlos aus einem WG-Foren-Thread (klicken für Link):


"Over multiple previous patches, WG had already removed 9 maps.  Now in 1.0, they've removed a further 13 maps all at once!  That drops the total number of maps in the game down to just 30.  It would be been 29 if not for the addition of the new map Glacier.  The removed maps are:


  1. Fiery Salient
  2. Highway - In Our Plans
  3. Kharkov - Level Design Prototyping
  4. Klondike - In Development
  5. Mittengard
  6. Pilsen - The redesign of Pilsen is scheduled after the release of Update 1.0; we will release more information as it becomes available.
  7. Sacred Valley
  8. Stalingrad
  9. Swamp
  10. Widepark - In Development
  11. Windstorm
  12. Winter Himmelsdorf
  13. Winterberg


I think we're probably all okay with Fiery Salient, Winter Himmelsdorf, and Winterberg being removed, as they were essentially duplicates of other maps, but that still leaves us with 10 unique maps removed in 1.0  That's in addition to the 9 which were previously removed:


  1. Dragon Ridge
  2. Hidden Village
  3. Komarin
  4. Northwest
  5. Pearl River
  6. Port
  7. Province
  8. Severogorsk
  9. South Coast




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