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  1. Grakka

    Update 1.83 Datamine Content

    Für alle Schiffs-Fans, das hier ist jetzt in den Dev-Server-Dateien:
  2. Grakka

    [WAR] BR 9.0


    Ich bin frühestens ab 21 Uhr online, daher erstmal Absage.
  3. Grakka

    [WAR] BR 8.0


    Ich frühestens ab 21 Uhr, daher erstmal Absage.
  4. Grakka

    Update 1.83 Datamine Content

    Das hier dürfte auch einige erfreuen. Mehr Masse bedeutet mehr after-pen-Effekt.
  5. Grakka

    Update 1.83 Datamine Content

    Dev Server is auf. Das neue Update hat knapp 20 GB auf dem Dev Server!
  6. Grakka

    Update 1.83 Datamine Content

    IMPORTANT: Please note that these are the Preliminary changes for update 1.83 "Masters of the Sea" . All content is subject to change and the notes may very well be updated with new vehicles, changes and other features. Expect to see bugs and inconsistencies in this opening of the dev server. The content you see should not be taken as final and will likely be changed, added to or indeed removed on final release. Please report any unusual behaviour in our Dev Section Bug Report forums! Please try to focus on testing new vehicles, features and locations and be sure to leave feedback in the feedback area. Flight Model changes will be published upon update final release. Information related to dev server tests: Naval fleet testing moves to OBT. US, German and Soviet ships are available to research and purchase for all players. In order to test helicopters in combined battles standard Arcade and Realistic ground battles are replaced with an event in the respective mode where tanks and helicopters may participate There are 3 respawns in AB for tanks and helicopters are only available in air flights that are activated by a player In RB you may use a helicopter only if you first put it in a crew slot and have enough Spawn Points Helicopter only events are available for all players.Vehicle line-up is predefined but you may add your own vehicles if you have one of BR 7.3 or higher. If you don't have these vehicles you will only have access to a pre-defined line-up. New vehicles: Naval Fleet Available to British Naval CBT participants: Great Britain: Torpedo boats: MTB-1 series 1 MTB Vosper series 1 MTB Vosper series 2 Dark class MTB Fairmile D (617-632) Fairmile D (697-800) Fairmile D (5001-5029) (bundle) SGB-304 Gun boats: Fairmile A (ML100) Fairmile B (ML345) Fairmile C (1941) Fairmile C (332) Fairmile D (601-616) (bundle) MGB-61 (70ft) Dark Class MGB Trawlers & Corvettes: Isles class trawler Flower class Corvette Destroyers: Clemson (Churchill) Grafton Tribal Haida (bundle) N-class (Nepal) Light cruisers: Enterprise Available to all players as Naval OBT: USA: Higgins 81 ft PT-6 Elco 77 ft PT-20 Higgins 78 ft PT-71 Elco 80 ft PT-103 80 ft Nasty (PTF-7) 110 ft SC-497 LCS(L)(3) 165 ft PC-451 Elco 80 ft PT-314 Higgins 78 ft PT-200 Elco 80 ft PT-565 PT-810 Elco 77 ft PT-59 USS Tucumcari (PGH-2) Asheville (PGM-84) Clemson (DD-336) Clemson (DD-213) Fletcher (DD-445) USS “Trenton” (Omaha class) Elco 80 ft PT-109 “Bennion” (DD-662) — exclusive for Xbox One “Cowell” (DD-547) Sumner Destroyer (DD-692) 58 ft PT-3 (premium) Elco 80 ft PT-556 (premium) Germany: LS 3 LS 4 (premium) S-38 S-38b R-41 R-130 R-301 SF40 Leichte SF40 Schwere AF D1 AF D3 MZ1 S-100 (1945) S-100 (1944) VS-10 Klasse 140/141 (Jaguar) Pr. 206 GDR Typ-Klasse 143 (Albatros) Type 1924, modernization of 1932 Type 1939 K-2 Type 1936 KMS Emden (1944) S-204 Lang VS-8 Z-20 “Karl Galster” Type 1934А Destroyer LS 4 (premium) VS-8 "Schell I" (premium) Type M 1943 (premium) USSR: G-5 D-3 Project 123bis Project 123K “Komsomolets” Project 183 Project 206 Project 206M OD-200 MO-4 BMO MPK pr. 122А MPK-163 Pr.191М Pr.1124 (1940) Pr.1124 (1945) Pr.1124 MLRS (bundle) MBK pr.186 MBK-161 (1944) Pr. 1204 (late) SKR Pr. 159 Project 7y Pr. 7U "Stroyny" (bundle) Frunze Krasny Kavkaz Pr.191 G-5 (ShVAK) (premium) Pr. 123K (A-11) (premium) MBK pr. 186 (MK-85) (premium) Available to Helicopter CBT participants: Helicopters Germany: SA.313B Alouette II UH-1D BO 105 PAH-1 BO 105 PAH-1A1 Mi-24P BO 105 CB-2 (bundle) Ground Vehicles USA: T32E1 USSR: SU-57B Т-80B (researchable modification of the dynamic protection “Contact-1” has been added) Japan: Type 75 MLRS (premium) Aircraft USA: F4F-3 (model has been updated) F4F-4 (model has been updated) Germany: Ju 288 C (premium) France M.B.175T New locations and missions New naval location “Black Sea port”. Increased detalization of the naval location “Green mountains gulf”. Location and mission updates Naval missions are now available in custom battles. Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes: SU-5-1, M4A1 (76)W, M4A2 (76)W, Flakpanzer I Gepard — The order of ammunition usage has been refined.. Churchill Mk.III, Pz.Kpfw. Churchill — Armour on the right side of the turret has been changed from 76.2 to 88.9 mm. Armour of the left side of the turret is 76.2 mm. Sources: Canadian Archives Microfilms // British National Archives, WO 194/105, Churchill IV Typical for I, II,III, V & VI Drawing No: TD.5912. New type of explosive material “Smoke-forming composition” has been added to the smoke shells. This type of the explosive substance has been used for all smoke shells and replaced the “TNT” used previously. The vertical elevation speed of cannons for tanks and self-propelled guns where the guidance was done manually with a shoulder rest has been increased: For cannons of calibres up to 40 mm — 15 degrees per second; For cannons of calibres between 40 and 57 mm — 10 degrees per second. Great Britain: A13 (all), Crusader Mk.II, Crusader Mk.III, Churchill Mk.I, Churchill Mk.III, Tetrarch Mk.I, Daimler AC Mk.II, Valentine Mk.I, Cromwell Mk.I, AEC Mk.II Japan: I-Go Ko, Ha-Go, Ha-Go Commander, Ke-Ni, Ka-Mi, Chi-Ha, Chi-Ha Kai, Chi-He, Ro-Go France: AMC.34YR, AMC.35, FCM.36, H.39, H.39 “Cambronne”, H.35, R.39, AMR.35 ZT3, S.35, B1 bis. B1 ter. Germany: Pz.II C/F, Pz.35(t), Pz.38(t) Flakpanzer 341 — The name of the Flakpanzer V has been corrected “Coelian”. Sources: Panzer Tracts No.20-2 Paper Panzers - Aufklarungs-, Beobachtungs-, and Flak-Panzer (Reconnaissance, Observation, and Anti-Aircraft) Marder III H - The values of the angles for elevation and traverse have been specified. Elevation: was -2/+22, is now -9/+9. Traverse: was -30/+30, is now -28/+28. Source: Waffen-Revue Nr.81 M247 — a bug where no lead marker was displayed whilst firing at aircraft has been fixed. “Hull-break” effect bug of the chassis has been fixed . IS-2 —a bug when you could separately control coaxial MG has been fixed 120mm DM13 — Round mass has been increased from 3 to 4.4 kg. Source: FT 120-D-2 Firing Tables Cannon, 120mm Gun, M256. April 1994. 100/115mm 9М117 — max ATGM controllable distance has been increased from 4 to 5 km. Source: МО СССР. Выстрел 3УБК10 с управляемым снарядом 9М117. Техническое описание и инструкция по эксплуатации 30mm APDS (30mm HSS 831L/A, L21A1) - The type of shell has been changed from APCR to APDS. The penetration of the shell at meeting angles other than normal has been increased. AEC Mk.II — The Maximum speed has been reduced from 78 km/h to 68 km/h/ Source: The Bovington Tank Museum Plans Packs: A.E.C. ARMOURED CAR MK II // Canadian Archives Microfilms, DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL DEFENCE -ARMY- BRITISH A.F.V. SPECIFICATIONS Strv 81 — 8.4 cm Rökgr m/53 smoke round has been added. Ammo and weapon names have been updated: gun — 8.4cm kan Strv 81 HE shell — 8.4 cm Slsgr m/53 AP — 8.4 cm Slpprj APDS — 8.4 cm Pvlng m/54 Source: Firing table: 8.4 cm Kan strv 81 - 1956 Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes: 18 inch Mk. XV Torpedo mass is now correctly displayed in the info card S.M.79 series 4 - injection modification has been removed PBY-5 - engine display in x-ray view has been fixed, and number of engine cylinders is now displayed correctly Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes: Multiple vessels now have side and bow mounted bomb launchers as modifications. They can be launched by pressing the “R’ key in the direction of the camera view. New armour types have been added. Now naval vessels have bullet-proof, fragmentation-proof, rolled or cast homogeneous armour depending on the vessel. The fragmentation effect has been reworked. Spread and damage have become more realistic. Depending on the ammo weight and shard type, the resulting fragmentation may be different in weight, number and total damage. All shards spread according to diagram for a “damage sector”. Additionally, one round may produce shards that vary in their weight and penetration power. Naval Vessel DMs have been reworked: Artillery, upper structures, torpedo launchers and other deck-based components are now more vulnerable to explosions, shards and direct hits. Any unarmoured upper structures can be damaged so they won’t function even with MG fire. Internal modules may also be damaged by explosions, kinetic damage, shards and fire in different situations. Thus boiler compartments are more vulnerable to direct hits and shard damage, unlike controls that are much more vulnerable to explosions Engines situated in drowned compartments as well as transmission and ammunition rooms will be damaged or become unavailable until the water is pumped out of that section. Fragmentation-proof blankets or screens whilst whole will prevent shards from penetrating dependant on the blankets thickness and the damage power of the fragments. Survivability and resistance towards different types of damage have been reworked for the sections occupied by the crew; an explosion or dense fragmentation will inflict much greater damage than a single AP round that penetrates through a vessel without internal fragmentation. Larger vessels can survive a hit by a light torpedo (SET-40 for example), however they still suffer severe damage. DM has been reworked for the German SF-40’s: The crew has been moved to the upper deck and artillery deck. Upper deck structure is now protected with 10mm rolled armour that contains most of the crew, however the control cabin remains unprotected. All MGs and autocannons up to 20mm now have stabilization as even without a mechanical stabilizing mechanism, a gunner was still able to stabilize it himself. Correct radio cabin dimensions have been added for all vessels. The crew is placed depending on the vessel type and historical data. A new criteria for vessel destruction has been added. When massive damage from an explosion is received (it depends on the vessel size and class) they may still be destroyed even if their total crew value is not lower than required minimum standard to class the ship as previously inoperable. MBK 161 mod.1944 Soviet armoured boat has received its historical camo. The German LS class reserve torpedo boat has been renamed to LS 3. The maximum speed of the German K-2 Kanonenboot has been changed from 30 to 18.6 knots according to historical information. Looping torpedoes around the same area by launching during a sharp turn has been fixed. The appearance of fuel tanks in X-Ray view has been visually improved and is now the same for all ships. Economy and research Achievements for naval vessels have been added Battle tasks for naval vessels have been added U.S. and Soviet helicopters are now available for research The cost of the pr.159 Soviet vessel has been significantly reduced Appearance New 3d decorations “helmets” (both armour and infantry) have been added for various nations. Old 3d decorations have been moved to the respective section. New camo added for F4F-3 and F4F-4 Interface Naval vessel control tips have been added to the loading menu Game mechanics A bug that caused the third-person camera view to reverse has been fixed. A bug where the camera focused on the rear end of a naval vessel at the start of a battle has been fixed. It is now possible to capture points in Naval battles with hydroplanes/seaplanes Sounds Sounds for new helicopters have been added. Small changes to optimize the usage of the sound game resources.
  7. Grakka

    Update 1.83 Datamine Content

    Und das ist die Ju 288:
  8. Grakka

    Update 1.83 Datamine Content

    Das hier ist der japanische Type 75 MLRS:
  9. Grakka

    Update 1.83 Datamine Content

    War Thunder 1.83 Dev Server Datamine US us_t32e1 us_destroyer_sumner us_elco_80ft_pt_boat_thunderbolt German sa_313b uh_1d bo_105pah1 mi_24p_german bo_105pah1_a1 bo_105cb2 ju-288c germ_destroyer_class1936_z20 germ_ls4_class germ_escort_typem1943 Russian ussr_su_57b ussr_pr_1204_late ussr_g5_mtb_shvak ussr_ya_5m ussr_pr_123k_hydrofoils ussr_mkl_186_mk85 UK uk_fairmile_d_5001_5029 Japan jp_type_75_mlrs France mb_175t
  10. Grakka

    Der Warthunder Geburtstag steht vor der Tür!

    Hallo zusammen, ich hatte gestern im TS den Eindruck, dass einige den in drei Wochen anstehenden Warthunder Geburtstag (der 6.!) nicht so auf dem Schirm haben. Ich bereite mich da nämlich schon drauf vor und spiele jetzt noch schnell ein paar Fahr- und Flugzeuge frei, wo mir nur noch wenige RP fehlen, damit ich diese am WTGebbo dann zum halben Preis kaufen kann. Auch GE-Wager spiele ich gerade, um noch ein paar Modifikationen kaufen zu können. Gerade für high-tier Krams ist beides nicht uninteressant! Letztes Jahr gab es Fahrzeuge zu erspielen, Rabatte im Shop, halber Preis für Talismane, Vehikel und Modifikationen in-game (also im tree und Prem!), etc. pp, siehe Spoiler. Das war zugegebenermaßen wg. des fünften Geburtstags etwas besonderes, aber mindestens die 50 % auf alle Vehikel gibt es bisher jedes Jahr. Falls ihr also etwas kaufen wollt: Wartet doch noch drei Wochen! Auch der Warbond-Shop hat im November in den vergangenen zwei Jahren immer interessante Event-Fahrzeuge statt normaler Prems im Angebot, letztes Jahr waren es u.a. der finnische KV-1B (sehr beliebt!) oder die TB-3M. Auch hierauf kann man sich vorbereiten.
  11. Grakka

    [WAR] BR 5.3


    Hab zugesagt, kann aber erst ab ca. 20.30 uhr
  12. Grakka

    Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. eure Ausbeute?

    Ich würde den Aufwand mittlerweile sogar noch geringer einschätzen. Für die Flieger-MoD von gestern/heute habe ich 4 AB-Spiele gebraucht, dann hatte ich 11 Kills in einem Match/35 Kills/20 Assists zusammen.
  13. Grakka

    Update 1.81

    Damit könnte die geleakte Liste der neuen Fahrzeuge richtig sein, 3 Treffer von 4 Versuchen bei den Panzern:
  14. Grakka

    Kampfhubschrauber in War Thunder

    Wer nur ein einziges Fahrzeug haben möchte, kann über die Youtube-Seite von PhlyDaily gehen und bekommt dann immerhin 3% Abzug.

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