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Daybreak creates individual studios for EverQuest, DC Universe, and PlanetSide

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Daybreak Games is making some big moves, creating three new studios that will each dedicate themselves to one of the company’s big MMO franchises.


Dimensional Ink Games, based in Austin, will lead the future of DC Universe Online as well as work on future action-based MMO projects. DC Universe Online

launched back in 2011, but it still receives regular updates. A Switch version launched just last year. Jack Emmert, who has worked on City of Heroes, Star Trek Online,

and Neverwinter, runs this studio.


Darkpaw Games in San Diego will focus on EverQuest and EverQuest II, one of the most historic MMO franchises in history. Holly Longdale, who has been the series’ executive producer,

leads this studio. The original EverQuest released back in 1999. The sequel followed in 2004. Both games are still active and received new expansions last year.


Rogue Planet Games, also in San Diego, will be in charge of the PlanetSide franchise (including PlanetSide 2). PlanetSide II debuted in 2012 and is still going, although an ill-fated battle

royale spinoff, PlanetSide Arena, released last year and is already dead. The studio is also working on a “next genre-defining game for fans of shooters,” presumably PlanetSide 3. Andy

Sites, the executive producer of the PlanetSide franchise, is in charge of Rogue Planet Games.



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Welcome to the genesis of Rogue Planet Games!

By definition, a “rogue planet” is a celestial object that’s not gravitationally bound to any star or its origin. This perfectly illustrates our philosophy as a team and defines the games we create –

we are unbound by convention, exploring new frontiers of creativity and always pushing the limits of our imagination to deliver unparalleled experiences for our players!

While the studio may be new, the PlanetSide franchise has been going strong for 17 years. As we begin this new chapter, we’ve taken several steps to prepare for an exciting future! 

Rogue Planet Games will focus solely on the PlanetSide franchise and our dedicated community. While Daybreak will continue to act as publisher and provide live operations and infrastructure support,

Rogue Planet Games owns the vision of PlanetSide – present and future.

As many of you may have noticed over the past few months with PlanetSide 2, we've increased the frequency of our game updates, made an effort to reduce publish times by streamlining deployment processes,

addressed lingering live service issues, and stepped up communication with our community. 

One aspect of the new studio we’re most excited about is bringing our players into the fold like never before. As Rogue Planet Games, we view ourselves as an indie studio that values our community in the highest regard.

We want to bring you into our day-to-day development processes more across all disciplines – programming, character and environment art creation, systems and content design, and any general nonsense that happens

on a given day. We can’t wait to start sharing more with you across our various social channels! 

Rest assured, the future of PlanetSide is very much at the top of mind here, and the expectations for a true sequel are, as expected, astronomical. The establishment of Rogue Planet Games provides a runway and opportunity

for us to deliver our vision for PlanetSide 3, but that discussion will happen in due time. Until then, we have a lot of great stuff in store for PlanetSide 2!

On behalf of the entire Rogue Planet team, THANK YOU! We look forward to having you join us on our journey! 

We define our future. We are Rogue Planet Games!

Andy “IronSites” Sites

Head of Rogue Planet Games
Executive Producer, PlanetSide Franchise

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