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FarCry 1 Multiplayer - LRv3 Patch

Guest *RD*Kr!eger

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Guest *RD*Kr!eger

Hallo Team Druckwelle,

schon damals war Druckwelle ganz oben dabei in FarCry Multiplayer und bei der ESL (Electronic Sports League) 2005.

Nun wollten wir uns mal wieder bei euch blicken lassen, vllt. habt Ihr ja mal bock uns in FarCry zu besuchen.

Unten befindet sich ein kleiner Info-Post zu dem neusten FarCry Community Patch, mit dem wir derzeit FarCry online spielen.
Dazu gibt es ein paar Screenshots zu allen Erneuerungen und Verbesserungen.

Der Post ist international und somit auf Englisch - hoffe das ist i.O.

Schon bald feiern wir im September unser 5 jähriges Jubiläum mit dem LRv3 Patch für FarCry Multiplayer.

Hierzu machen wir vom 19.09. bis 20.09. ein "Weekend Cup 2020". Vllt. hat jemmand von euch Lust mitzumachen.(?)
Weitere Infos findet ihr dazu auch auf unserer Seite: https://farcrylraddon.de/weekend-cup-2020/

Viele Grüße,

Hello Far Cry Community!
16 years after the release of Far Cry and many moons after Ubisoft left the game out in the cold, Far Cry multiplayer is still going strong. Some of you are already using the LRv3 multiplayer patch and others might have used previous versions in the past. What you need to know is, we still keep maintaining and try our best to improve the multiplayer experience for everyone.

With the upcoming 5th anniversary of our patch we would like to present to you a summary of its features and provide a quick overview of the enhancements it offers to players and server admins alike.

1st Serverlist
LRv3 provides a simple and fully up-to-date game server list where you can find all available game servers. Since Ubisoft has shut down their multiplayer services for Far Cry, LRv3 has become the go-to solution for Far Cry online gaming. Simply start the game, go to the server list, select the game server you want to play on and click join!


- After joining a game server, a window opens that shows detailed information about the server's configuration and the players currently playing on the server.
Status: 100% complete


2nd Map-Downloader
Far Cry has a great number of very diverse multiplayer maps for different game modes like Assault, Free for All (FFA), Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Capture the Flag (CTF). Where in the past you had to leave the game and download maps from websites manually, LRv3 offers 2 convenient and fully automated ways to get these multiplayer maps.

- Try to join a gameserver but don't have the map? A simple message will pop up and ask you if you would like to download the map. Click yes and you are good to go!
Status: 100% complete

- You are already playing on a server but you don't have the upcoming map? Once the current map ends, the game will ask if you would like to download the map. After confirming and completing the download successfully, you automatically rejoin the game server. It's as simple as can be.
Status: 100% complete


- Want to download maps all by yourself? If you don't even want to go on a game server, our "Map Downloads" panel in the main menu will come in handy for you. Refresh the map list, filter maps by their game modes and select individual maps for download.
Status: 100% complete


Downloading maps does not affect a game server's performance at all as the maps are hosted on a dedicated mapspace. Admins can configure their own download location for their game servers, but most of them simply use the LRv3 mapspaces these days as they offer the biggest selection. There are currently 2 mapspaces available, one in Germany and another one in the Czech Republic. Our mapspace located in Germany currently hosts nearly 550 multiplayer maps and more are being added regularly.

3rd UserPanel and ServerAdmin-QuickPanel
Well-known from eXcaliTrone, Patch 1.6 and previous versions of LR, we've taken the best of all worlds and added features of our own.

- User panel: Without having to remember lots of console commands, players can easily vote for specific maps, restart maps, kick unwanted players, etc. The user panel also gives quick access to a great variety of different types and colours of crosshairs.
Status: 100% complete


- Server admin quickpanel: This panel offers pretty much everything needed for basic server administration while in game. Server admins can tweak server and game settings easily with just a few mouse clicks.
Status: 100% complete


4th Game Options
- Max FPS: We added an input box in the graphics options menu that allows you to limit the number of frames per second. This option is particularly useful if you own a modern graphics card, as too many frames can cause warping issues in game. Remember that due to some quirks in the Cryengine the number you will put into this box will usually still be exceeded, so go for really low numbers here.
Status: 100% complete

- Mouse sensitivity: Well-known from patch 1.6 and often requested by the community, we added an option in the controls menu to easily set a fixed value for your mouse sensitivity.
Status: 100% complete

- Minimize button: Alt-tabbing between windows has unfortunately always been buggy in the original Far Cry. This handy feature in the top left of the menu screens allows you to quickly and safely minimize the game.
Status: 100% complete

- Borderless screen: We added a borderless screen rendering option in the graphics menu. By getting rid of the Far Cry title bar you can now for example max out your game screen while still displaying your task bar at the bottom. This new feature also comes with stability benefits, especially if you experienced crashes while alt-tabbing between different windows before.
Status: 75% complete

- Multiplayer Languages: Thanks to the Far Cry community we have been able to translate all the panels and menus into 7 different languages. Simply go to the options menu and pick the language of your choice.


5th Weapon balance and in-game enhancements
- Hotly debated since the release of patch 1.4, different weapon settings have become a major point for discussion in the world of Far Cry. Whichever set-up you prefer, as part of the general server configuration LRv3 offers practically all weapon settings ever introduced to the game. Server admins can quickly choose 1.33, 1.40, XT or custom LR game/weapon settings, even from within the in-game server panel.
Status: 100% complete

- Gone are the days where respawning players would just vanish into thin air: LRv3 comes bundled with a great variety of spectacularly bloody respawn effects, some of them even player class specific. Faint-hearted or squeamish server admins can deactivate this eye-catcher, but surely nobody would want to miss out on this gory mess of flesh and bones.
Status: 100% complete


- The Assault player models are now also available for FFA and TDM.
Status: 100% complete


- Mapcycle vote: Sometimes it's boring to go through the mapcycle on any given game server. This easy-to-use feature allows players to quickly choose from 3 maps, even showing a preview of their loading screens.
Status: 95% complete


- Missing HUD elements have been added (mortar kill).
Status: coming next release

- Players who captured flags (Assault) or successfully uploaded data (CTB) are now highlighted on the scoreboard.
Status: coming next release

6th New Gamemodes
- Capture The Flag (CTF): Originally introduced with eXcaliTrone, LRv3 also offers the CTF game mode with its custom HUD elements. The CTF game mode was improved and several issues - including a gamebreaking terrain collision problem - were fixed. Also the mini-maps have been updated with bigger renderings.
Status: 95% complete

Map: ctf_escape

- Capture the Transmission Base (CTB): First introduced with LRv2, CTB is a challenging game mode based on Assault. It is a tactical team-based game variant in which the attackers have to capture certain areas from the defenders. An attacking player starts the data upload but cannot leave the designated area for a given period of time. If the uploading attacker moves out of this area or dies, the data transfer stops and another attacker has to activate the transmission again. Individual skills and good teamwork are required to succeed on CTB maps.
Status: 95% complete

Map: ctb_pripjat

- Capture and Hold (CAH): Introduced with LRv2, CAH is a simple game mode based on FFA with only one flag on the map. This flag has to be captured by a player and defended for as long as possible, while a timer is ticking away. At the end of the map, the player that has held the flag the longest is the winner.
Status: 95% complete

7th Anti-Cheat Protection and various Bug fixes
- LRv3 anticheat: LRv3 has a complex built-in anticheat system that cannot be deactivated. LRv3 game servers automatically check players and eliminate cheating players from the game.

- Bino bug: Fixed!

- Underwater shooting bug: Fixed!

- Canvas material bug: Fixed!

8th LRv3 Server Side Mod (SSM)
We also offer many specific features for server admins:

- Server-side map updater: Similar to the normal map download offered to players, this useful feature is meant for servers. It facilitates the download/update of multiplayer maps when they are not available on the game server. Thereby admins can quickly and easily put a map on any server without even having to leave the game and start an FTP transfer.
Status: 100% complete

- Player statistics: The stats files got enhanced and now offer more player statistics than ever. It is also possible to configure game servers so that they will only create stats when a minimum amount of players is met. LRv3 also adds a feature called XPSave that saves the scores of all the players who have played on the game server. Each time players play online, their XP will be added to their previous score, making it possible to create all-time top rankings.
Status: 100% complete

- Verysoft bots: Well-known from patch 1.6 and reintroduced into LRv3, game servers can now be spiced up with clever and challenging bots. Originally created by Mixer, the Verysoft bots are a great addition to Far Cry and we put a few more aces up their sleeves. Engineers will now build and blow up barriers. Players can easily manage various bot settings in the vote panel. Console commands even allow bot weapon class selection. Another addition to the system is the compatibility with game modes like CTF: bots will now go to the enemy base to get the flag and return to their home base, while their team mates try and protect them.
The server-side bot path system allows you to create external config files to guide the bots on any map. As the majority of maps cannot be edited anymore due to the lack of .cry files, the external config system is a great alternative to more complex systems that would rely on data within the levels themselves. Every LRv3 server installation comes preloaded with 17 extensive bot map files - including the standard maps and a variety of others - that will get you started right away with 1700 ready-made bot paths.
Status: ongoing

9th Mapping
While eXcaliTrone already offered several new features for multiplayer mapping, LRv3 has fine-tuned them, fixing many known bugs and adding a boatload of new features:

- Multiplayer physics objects: Physics objects were completely revised. Mappers can create different types of multiplayer physics objects that are fully synchronized during the game. Physics objects can now also be configured as being useable, which means that players can take objects, carry them around or use them as deadly weapons. It is also possible to create complex puzzles with useable objects that require forward thinking on the player's part. For example a keycard on the floor and a keypad on the wall... Pick up the keycard and go to the keypad - the card will be colocated onto the keypad and a door opens.
Status: 100% complete

Map: ctb_pripjat

- Multiplayer triggers: We have fully revised all the triggers from eXcaliTrone and offer lots of additional triggers of our own. From an updated multiplayer proximity trigger to the skybox trigger and the highly complex enviromental trigger, everything has been prepared for total online compatibility. Highly creative maps with a lot of variation, immersion and interaction are not restricted to single player gaming anymore. Mappers can now use the built-in Far Cry movie function to create custom animations, controlling them with our animation trigger. Door animations, for example for automated sliding doors, are also possible. Our material trigger allows mappers to change materials/textures of objects on the fly. Don't forget our random timer trigger that creates recurring, yet at the same time completely randomized events. For the first time outside dedicated mods, mappers can also interfere with the game HUD and use our HUD signs/text triggers to display custom texts and images on screen. The charger trigger can replenish a player's health, armor and ammo, and our jump pads do, well, what a jump pad is supposed to do.
Status: ongoing

Map: fc_all-stars

Map: fc_all-stars

Map: ctb_pripjat

- Custom Vehicles: Created by Clivey during the Golden Age of Far Cry, all custom vehicles are made available again by the LRv3 patch. However, we also added our powerful own custom vehicle entity to the mix. The different entities offered back in the day were tailored for very specific types of vehicles, with very few parameters that mappers could actually tweak. Our custom vehicle entity allows mappers to fully configure their own ground-based vehicles and fine-tune an incredible amount of settings. In the properties roll-up bar the mapper is able to set up the vehicle exactly the way he needs it to be - speed, mass, damage, weapon type, sounds, animations for drivers and passengers, car materials and even the amount of wheels the vehicles has, can be specified.
Status: 95% complete


- Several long-standing issues within the original Far Cry game have been addressed, including proper respawning of hang-gliders and multiplayer compatibility of countless input/output events for a variety of game entities.
Status: ongoing

- Materials and collision for select .cgf objects have been fixed and improved. New materials are provided for you (for use in 3ds max and terrain layers), long-lost materials from the Far Cry library are being re-added.
Status: ongoing

We really hope that you will find the features we implemented and improved over the last 5 years useful and that you will enjoy the new enhancements, regardless of whether you are a player, a server admin or a mapper. By serving everyone alike we would like to bring out the best of this wonderful game. You can help us a lot simply by playing Far Cry online with LRv3 and be part of the Far Cry multiplayer community. Your feedback is essential to us as we are still working hard to add even more features to Far Cry and try to improve the multiplayer experience for everyone.

Are you ready to join the LRv3 experience?
Of course you are! Just get in contact with us here at the home of LRv3: https://farcrylraddon.de.

LR 5th anniversary
It's a special year for us. We have been online since 5 years now, keeping FarCry alive and up-to-date, and our team is very happy to continue playing Far Cry after all these years. For our 5th anniversary we would like to invite everyone to meet us during a special gaming weekend in September 2020 on our game servers and on teamspeak. Let's have some fun together!

Visit our Teamspeak or Discord for up-to-date information and support for Far Cry.

Kind regards,
your LRv3-Team

Visit our website at https://farcrylraddon.de
Forums: https://forum.farcrylraddon.de
Discord: https://discord.gg/YmeEm4c

Thanks to the whole Far Cry multiplayer community and to all players and clans that support LRv3.
We would never forget our roots! Thanks to the XT-Team, Patch 1.6 Team, FCMP-Team, Clivey, Mixer and many more!

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Durch Far Cry 1 bin ich (damals noch als dw.Zero) zu DRUCKWELLE gekommen, hätte ja schon nochmal bock reinzuschauen :D 

Aber ich fürchte es ist nicht gut gealtert und ich befürchte ich mache mir damit meine romantischen Erinnerungen an das Spiel kaputt :D 


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Ich wurde wegen des Turniers auch angeschrieben und wollte mich anmelden. Mit etwas Glück kann ich auch noch ein paar andere alte Mitspieler bewegen mit zu machen.

Dass Zero damals dabei war, kann ich sogar beweisen :D (siehe Screenshots)

@Ragsan hast du damals nicht sogar das Far Cry-Turnier auf der LAN-FACT in Gießen mit Titan2002 und mir gespielt? 

Die Screenshots sind übrigens Anno 2005 ;)




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vor 2 Stunden schrieb JAG:

@Ragsan hast du damals nicht sogar das Far Cry-Turnier auf der LAN-FACT in Gießen mit Titan2002 und mir gespielt? 

Die Screenshots sind übrigens Anno 2005

Oh gott stimmt ich hatte damals so richtige möchtegern "Leet" Namen XD Dezent peinlich XD 

Aber ja an die Namen erinner ich mich noch :D Ich habe auch noch ein Far Cry Team Pulli bei mir im Schrank liegen (der scheinbar extrem eingelaufen ist, pass nämlich nicht mehr rein XD) 


ps. In meinen Erinnerungen sieht das Spiel DEUTLICH besser aus XD 

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Guest *RD*Kr!eger

Hallo @Ragsan und @JAG,

es freut uns das Ihr an FarCry interessiert seit. Es würde uns sehr freuen wenn Ihr bei unserem Jubiläum dabei wärt.
Es ist sehr viel Zeit vergangen, und ich bin nach so langer Zeit auch weiterhin dabei. Jetzt halten wir seit 5 Jahren das Spiel weiterhin am laufen, und das muss gefeiert werden!
Nicht jeder Spielehersteller gibt der Community ein SDK zur Verfügung, heutzutage ist das sehr selten oder fast garnicht der Fall, wodurch Spiele dann einfach sterben.
FarCry hat Glück gehabt, und Crytek hat viele Daten offen zur Verfügung gegeben, wodurch wir und viele andere Programmierer von damals sehr profitiert haben - mache erinnern sich noch an XT oder eXcaliTrone alias Shilka.

Natürlich schützen wir uns vor ungewolten änderungen mittels einem eigenen Anti-Cheat-System, da PunkBuster ja schon sehr früh den Service für FarCry eingenstellt hat.

Es sind immer neue Updates zu erwarten. Und wir bauen FarCry weiter aus, wir hoffen auch in Zukunft weiterhin das Spiel zu verbessern.

In meinem ersten Post zeigt sich was sich alles getan hat, und das für Spieler, Server-Admins und sogar für Mapper.

Sofern Ihr hilfe bei der Installation benötigt oder ein Problem habt, dann könnt Ihr euch jederzeit melden!

Ich empfehle immer gern das Spiel von Steam zu besitzen, weil das ist dann wirklich sehr unkompliziert und up to date.
Da es beim Patchen immer mal gern zu fehlern kommt, besonders auf dem neueren Windows.
Aber dabei auch ein kleiner Tipp: Nach der Installation das Spiel starten und die Version oben rechts im Spiel prüfen.
Sofern v1.0 dann erst auf v1.1 Patchen und dann mittels dem "Patch 1.40 Cumulative Installer" auf v1.40.
Sofern schon v1.1 vorinstalliert ist, dann einfach mit dem Cumulative.
Aber wie schon gesagt, Steam wäre da schneller und einfacher.

Gruß Kr!eger

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  • 4 weeks later...
Guest *RD*Kr!eger

Bestenfalls bis morgen.
Am Donnerstag setze ich die Teams auf.
Und DW-Spieler sollen alle in einem Team sein ;)

Bitte unbedingt noch mittels dem Anmelde-Fomular auf der Website anmelden.


Danke :)

Am Samstag bin ich ab 12:00 Uhr im TeamSpeak zu erreichen. (Adresse: ts3.farcrylraddon.de)
Test-Spiel ist dann möglich. Sowieso bitte mal auf einen Server gehen und das Spiel mal ne map lang laufen lassen und sicher zu gehen das alles i.O. ist.
Nicht das es zu ungewolten Kicks oder unterbrechungen wärend dem Spiel kommt. Einfach mal Testen.

Gruß Kr!eger

Edited by *RD*Kr!eger
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